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LanGameInstaller(2.0) App

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:52 am
The LanGameInstaller(2.0) Updates / Fixes:

-Download new cfg to keep game list updated
-New Torrent client added to Application this will download torrent into directory of LanGameInstaller application.
-New commands ('/UninstallDP, '/InstallDP'') Uninstall Direct-Play or Install Direct-Play.
-New commands ('/bfvcdkey') Open up cdkey changer application + generator.
-New commands ('/b1942cdkey') Open up cdkey changer + cdkey list.
-New command ('/help') will display a list of commands and small detail of the functionality.

-New server setup command ("/server cs zombie') will install zombie mod on your client to be hosted + other server mods for other games.
-Updater for LanGameInstaller App for future updates.
-Add feature to Install SteamApp Games for example (SDK 2006, Altitude, L4D, TF2) or any other SteamApp tool / game.
-Add Script folder and scripts that the LanGameInstaller App can utilize. This can help expansion of the application without hard coding it into a new App version.
-Add to  CDVersion ability to check for updates. If updates are needed prompt user with message to download updates. If user chose to download update send user to LanParty website.

-HL1 mod installing into invalid directory has been fixed (This happens if HL1 steam version is not found installed on your computer).
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